Relationality and the Life Principle

It is heartening to see that relationality as a term is gaining more recognition. My work with relationality started in 2007 when co-teaching a graduate elective at Yale University on the deeper meaning of ‘Care’ and subsequently in exploring how the ubiquitous nature of relationality can be applied to social and economic policy. I would argue that engaging the inherent relationality of existence is essential and to our advantage if we are to address deep seated issues negatively impacting society and the earth.

A conceptual architecture of relationality is required that holds the sumultaneity implicit in the relationship of opposites: unity and diversity, inclusivity and exclusivity. I believe this can be achieved when relationality is placed into the context of a life principle. The virtuality of inherent relationality is the life principle. Allowing such a conceptual foundation to impact our thinking opens the door to a dimension of creative engagement that honours the living value and dynamic proportionality of the collective and the particular.

Such active participation and taking responsibility for the underlying reality of relationality represents a paradigm shift in how we understand and respond to complex issues facing us in the world today and profoundly impacts our understanding of democracy, individual and collective identity, and social and economic value.

Author: Simon Davison