Ethical and Moral Dimensions of Living

Moral mores have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Yet the ethical root that informs morality has not changed. The core values and principles that hold societies together still hold true. That modern society in particular is seen by some as morally deficient and traditional society viewed by others as archaic does not tell the whole story. There is a thread of life that links both sides.

It is unfortunate that our understanding of ethics and morality are often conflated. They actually imply very different things. If morality comprises the principles by which we live, then ethics is the living root that informs these principles. We need both. A morality that loses connection with its living root becomes fundamentalist and intolerant and ethics without structure has little to hold it. By conflating the two we do not appreciate the value of each. This has profound implications in how we map our future. How do we bring forward that which has held us secure for so long while at the same time having the courage to embrace that which is new and living and full of hope?

The best negotiations for peace, prosperity and sustainability always reflect the courage and wisdom of a living ethical and moral sensibility. Tapping deep into this living root authenticates the process for all parties allowing necessary compromise not to affect shallow and ineffectual outcomes.

Author: Simon Davison