Who we are

LOK was born out of the meeting of two minds coming from very different backgrounds and experience with a shared passion to make a difference.

We present a rare combination of talents and are practiced at working within organisations and with individuals to tap into deeper resources and potential.

Simon Davison is a Director of LOK and works with individuals, groups and institutions. He teaches ‘living learning’ as a way of developing the relational medium. Prior to this he has been the Director of an educational trust supporting creativity and greater self-understanding and worked in the corporate sector in the United States and Europe.

He has been a visiting Lecturer at Yale University Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioethics and has served on the board of the Saltwater Institute in Maine, US, an organisation promoting ethical business practice. He is currently developing a theory of relationality. He spent many years in India and lives in Oxford, England.

Prof. Ruth Purtilo has served as senior faculty of Harvard, Creighton and Yale Universities in the US and been on several national and international commissions addressing health care, aging, disability rights, and business ethics.

Her career in social ethics as a professor, researcher, writer and advocate for justice has earned her a reputation as a leader in her field. Currently she is a member of the Harvard Divinity School Leadership Council and presents lectures and workshops worldwide on contemporary social issues that call for discernment and values-based action.