What we offer

What we offer is participative in nature and requires a commitment that reaches beyond short term problem solving. Our expertise is to tap into the source and underlying dynamics of a given context and work to translate what we find into meaningful action.

We are interested in working with people who are willing to engage the truth of their circumstance and sincerely want to be effective in their endeavours. Those willing to put themselves in the frame will find our willingness to be there with them. We want to make a meaningful contribution and the integrity of the relationship is paramount if we are to be successful.

So what do we offer? Essentially we offer us. We offer a relationship and a diverse set of skills and experience. The services we offer can be packaged in a number of ways.

• Lectures and seminars
• Organisational and individual mentoring
• Leadership counselling
• Research into ethical and value based initiatives
• Insight study modules

We are US and Europe based and offer services wherever in the world you are located.

Please contact us. We welcome opening a conversation with you.