Supporting initiatives that foster hope, well-being and prosperity

LOK is a specialised educational initiative calling for greater participation of living value in how we learn, relate and engage with ourselves, with each other and with our environment. The challenge of our time calls for greater receptivity to attitudes and qualities needed for responsible action based on the inter-relatedness of all life. Reframing current systems and processes to better reflect and support relational principles is key to building a sustainable and prosperous future.

LOK advocates policy making and initiatives to include the human values that underpin a cohesive society; goodness, love, care, justice and respect.  We wish to help organisations and individuals tap into resources and options that usually may not be apparent.  We encourage a deeper engagement with our human condition and the problems we face as moral beings living with the realities of human existence and finitude.

Understanding the principle of universal relatedness provides an enlivened, supportive meeting place for differing ideas, sensibilities and beliefs. Our work is interdisciplinary and cross cultural in design, and participants learn to use tools of insight to push the boundaries of current beliefs and habits of ethical thought and conduct. We probe the implications for survival and thriving when viewed through the truth that though we may be different from the other we are intrinsically linked and bound to the other. This reality itself helps us redefine our human, spiritual and material relationships based on fundamental principles that support us.  Rather than a source of conflict, difference can be seen and embraced as a necessary resource for conflict resolution and new learning; an opportunity for enrichment and ethical conduct that can create a paradigm shift to help fulfil the promise of and means for a better world.

We are interested in hearing from individuals, government policy makers and leaders of academic institutions, research bodies, businesses and non profit organisations who are committed to producing innovative value based initiatives.

Please see Archive for further writings illustrating some of our work and ideas in particular Life Essence Relationality: A New Gold Standard which challenges some of our fundamental assumptions and offers a radical way forward. Reflections will open a page of entries and comment.